Until a few years ago when smartphones were still popular among a handful few, viewing the websites on mobile was possible. However, with a very small percentage of masses opting for the same, most organizations never really took the segment seriously.

Mobile Version of Your Website

A few things that helped included reducing the size of images, using CSS based layout instead of table based and eliminating flash completely. Slow browsing speeds as well as incompatible browsers ensured that the segment is neglected for long.

The Development

With the recent surge in advancement in mobile phone technology, smartphones have emerged as a popular platform in the modern times with more website views and usage on the same then ever before. Recent stats have even reported that people are using smartphones more than desktops and laptops combined for website browsing, business networking and money transactions among others.

Special browsers have come up that are compatible with these devices, are somewhat similar to the regular ones, yet with a few basic differences. Not having a mobile version of your site would simply mean losing out on a number of potential clients that could have paved way for your success in the times to come.

Still not convinced? Have you ever tried to open a website that is not optimized for smartphone use on a mobile? If yes, you would have surely faced issues in finding the information you have been looking for or clicking on a particular link simply because they are all placed so close to each other. This is exactly what makes a probable client look for alternatives and results in monetary loses for you.

In addition, mobiles sites need not have all the information as present on the regular version. Excessive data can be confusing and may drive away the visitors. Understanding the purpose of your mobile site is equally important. Try to figure out the basic reasons why visitors visit the mobile version of your site.

They might be looking for an address, an email id or a contact number among others. Simply ensure that the related information is easily accessible and you can have a great site working for you.

Why Pay More? –  Get Free Websites that are Smartphone Compatible

Now since you are convinced that mobile based websites are the need of the hour, choosing the right supplier that can create one for you can be a real challenge. A number of different companies offering the same have come up in the recent past; however, they charge enough to burn a hole in your pocket.

The question that arises at this point is that is there any way to create free websites that are smartphone compatible. The answer is Dudamobile – an online platform that allows you to build the smartphone version of your website without charging you a penny.

All you need to do is sign up with them, enter your web address, use the tools present to alter the design and publish the changes. Your mobile based site is ready to go. All future alterations are automatically updated.

The Android Connect

Android based smartphones get special attention in the scenario simply because they hold about 70 percent of market share. This simply means that the mobile version of your site must be android capable. Here again, the suppliers would charge different amounts for making your site compatible with android, iOS and other operating systems.