It may sit there quietly, humbly, not drawing attention to itself but that little Android phone in your pocket is simply jam-packed to the brim with oodles of great apps and special features.

Android Phone Can Do

Far from the normal everyday activities such as making phone calls, sending texts and allowing you to play games on the journey to work – an Android phone is ready for any occasion, to spring into action in many surprising ways:

1. Try searching for things using your camera


Sounds a little odd but bear with us, with apps such as the sublime Google Goggles, you can merrily point the Android phone at items and using image recognition software, the app will find the best match and attempt to give you information on the item. This can be particularly useful when viewing landmarks or finding information on products as the software does all the work. Genius!

2. Listen to Internet Radio

internet radio

For those with wide musical taste, there is plenty of a selection when it comes to internet music stations. There are many internet radio apps for free in the Google shop and with everything from classical and jazz to all out hard heavy metal.

If you have an unlimited wifi connection and a Bluetooth speaker you could be bopping round your living room to your favourite tunes in no time and all for free.

3. Sell your unwanted DVDs and CDs


If those old DVDs and CDs are cluttering up your home and you are looking to make some extra cash to top up your finances, there are several apps that can be downloaded to your trusty Android phone to help you sell them easily. Simply take the application and scan the barcodes of DVDs or CDs and an estimated value is given.

If you agree to the prices offered you can do most of the hard work on your Smartphone and have some extra cash in no time.

4. Ensure that shelves and pictures are completely level

With a nifty little spirit level tool on Android devices, putting up a completely straight shelf is simply a breeze. While it may or may not be accurate enough to use in the construction of large buildings, it is certainly enough to make sure that your ornaments or books don’t topple off your newly installed shelf.

5. Keep an eye on your heart rate

heart beat rate pro

Utilising a heart rate app and your Android Smartphone camera, it is simplicity itself to measure your heart rate by placing your finger over the camera lens.

The app detects your pulse through your finger and reports the rate on the screen and it is even possible to save the results and analyse them over a period of time which could come in incredibly useful.

There are some fantastic things that your Android phone can do that you may not have previously realised so the next time you are making a phone call or sending a text, just remember that there is so much potential in that device in the palm of your hand.