As the most popular mobile operating system in the world, Android helps you out with your every day needs. While many of your favourite apps etc are created to make your life easier: banking, mapping, travel information, day organisers etc, plenty more are intended to entertain you.

poker android

I’m speaking of playing games on your Android phone. If you were for example, a fan playing poker, there are a variety of ways you can go about it. What are the perks and problems with doing so though? After all, there’s a different side to every coin.


Ease of access

Android allows its users to play poker wherever they happen to be. With WiFi access all over the place, you could log onto the internet and visit the website in the airport, at the office or during your bus journey home. Or you can use one of the poker apps you’ve downloaded onto your Galaxy S3, or other Android enabled phones. There are so many different options available, and they give you a better chance of playing when and where you want to.

Variety of apps

Android has lots of poker apps you can choose from: classic poker, Texas Hold’em. There are even some which do not abide by the usual poker protocol and push the envelope. This means that if you get bored of one type of poker while playing on your Android operated smartphone, you can access the app store and find another one. Perhaps one with better interactive features, real betting capabilities and real players to compete against.


Many bad apps

They say that television shows with more episodes lose their quality over time, because they’re trying to make as many as possible, without maintaining the standard. The same could be said of playing poker apps on Android. There are so many apps that allow you to play poker, that many of them are going to be poor in quality. You have to sift through the store to find the good apps which give you the best poker experience.

Viruses and trojans

The problem with the Android operating system, when compared to iOS is that there is not as much control over the poker apps created. They are not tested to the extent apps in the Apple Store are, and as a result the likelihood of their being a virus present is higher. Of course you can download anti-virus software, and only buy from Google Play, but some people either on purpose or accidentally, download Texas Hold’em Android apps from other sites. These ones are often riddled with spyware and trojans so be careful.

No matter the positives and negatives to the Android poker gaming experience, it will never take away from the fact it is a fun game to play: on the internet, in app form or with a real deck of cards.