Android devices with the operating system from Google comes with ‘dessert-inspired’ upgrades like Icecream Sandwich and Jelly Bean to its credit. Its rising popularity is posing as tough competition to contemporaries in the smartphone and tablet market like Apple iPhone and iPad, Blackberry and Windows Phone from Microsoft. You just require a Google account to own an Android device and can download apps from Google Play.

Google Android

Smartphones and tablets are the order of the day and if you are ought to make a choice as to which to choose – an iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Android phone, this article will surely show you some light. In this first of the series, let us discuss about Android phone and what makes it to the top of the popularity charts despite Apple’s path breaking innovations with the iPhone and iPad.

The Android Story

Android is a cutting-edge operating system from Google just as iOS for iPhones / iPads from Apple and Windows from Microsoft. Its superb interface and usability factors has made Android the hottest OS and a favorite with Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Motorola to name a few, for their phones, tablets and now even cameras .

Android’s fascination with Desserts!

It is indeed fascinating that Google upgrades every version of its Android OS corresponding to the name of a dessert. However, in that too there has been a significant trend noticed as each upgrade that followed are sequenced in an alphabetical order –  from Eclair, to Froyo, to Gingerbread, to Honeycomb, to Ice Cream Sandwich to the most recent Jelly Bean. Now, isn’t that again an easy way to remember the upgrades? Well, that’s Google!

Android Apps

Much like any other applications built for phones and tablets, Android apps are also breaking all records by being the most downloaded. Thanks to the cutting edge android app development by professional Android app developers and the amazing app market from Google called Google Play. It’s undoubtedly the one-stop destination for everything from books, music, movies as well as apps.

Downloading apps on Android Device is Simple

All you have to do to install new apps on your Android device is either use Google Play (when you power it up the first time, without connecting to computer) and let Android devices install apps all by themselves; or go to the Google Play website on your computer, log in with the Google Account (on your Android device). Google Play will give you the option to install straight to your device. This works well, escially when you want a big screen to browse through lots of apps.

Manufacturers use ‘skin’ on Android Devices to beat Competition

Design tweaks, known as ‘skin’ used by device manufacturers like HTC and Samsung are usually added to the standard Android operating system built by Google, so as to give themselves the much required edge and stand out in the fierce competition that is dominating the Smartphone as well as tablet market.

However, if you need a pure Android device sans a ‘skin’, choose the ones with the “Nexus” tag. Also, these “Nexus” phones are the ones to get access the latest OS upgrade first considering that they do not use any extra tweak from the hardware manufacturers that might hold up the upgrade process.

Home Screens And The App Drawer for Android Devices

One of the significant differences between Apple and Android devices is the Homescreen. While in Apple devices all of your apps can be found live on your home screens; In Android devices, app drawer is where you can find all of the apps installed. Since, Android devices have up to 7 home screens, which can be filled with your favorite apps and widgets (for quick access), any apps you choose not to keep on your home screen will be stored in your app drawer.

However, above all the one thing you will need to have for sure to use Android is a Google Account. However, it is not mandatory to use any specific Google services for emails etc. Android allows you to add other email accounts to your Android phone or tablet as well. Get the best of Android features as  Google’s software and cloud services are seamlessly integrated for the ultimate user experience.

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