Most Popular Android Apps You Must Download. Every new application is the result of out of the box thinking of the developers. Countless applications are available over the Android market with regular updates to meet the needs of today’s world. Many of them are free of cost while in some applications charges are applicable.


It is hard to find the best application from that crowded Android market; so to make that task easy for you, here we are with some of the best Android apps of 2012:

1. aDownloader

aDownloader is an inbred bit torrent application for Android that supports : 1.Resumable downloading, you can pause and resume file downloading as per your convenience. 2.Multiple file downloading, here you can download multiple files simultaneously.

2. Onlive

OnLive application lets you play online games on your Android device. This application can give you the whole new experience of online gaming but for the proper and efficient use of this app, one should have a fast 4G network connection or a high speed Wi-Fi connection.

3. Auto Memory Manager

Auto Memory manager application helps the user to track and boost the performance of his/her Android device so that, one can use the device efficiently as it gives the detailed memory information. It improves the performance of the system by allowing you to upgrade the speed of your phone, removing & managing of phone’s applications without using Task Manager & “Kill All” button.

4. Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets application helps to make your phone’s home screen informative. It contains clock, weather report, date, battery status, Wi-Fi and toggle widgets with theme support.

5. CamScanner

CamScanner application acts like a scanner for your phone, here with this you can digitize any paper document by first clicking it and then converting it into PDF format. It has auto-cropping & auto-enhancing feature. With this application one can tag and share documents via Fax, Email or can upload to cloud storage.

6. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is the full collection of the mindful features in a mobile browser. Version 7 is the latest version of Dolphin Browser HD with updated features such as multi-device sync and a slick new RSS reader. Most powerful features of this browser are Fresh new themes, Add-ons, User Agents and Custom Gestures.

7. History Eraser Pro

History Erases Pro is the best application to erase history on your Android device. It can erase all the search history, browsing history, call log, text messages, cache file in a single touch. It can enhance the performance of your device by increasing the free memory space available.

8. Juicedefender

Juicedefender helps in conserving the battery life of your android device by managing the battery dragging apps such as 3G/4G connectivity and Wi-Fi automatically when the device is idle.

9. Launcher Pro

Launcher Pro application performs the same task what your device do i.e., launches apps, but in an efficient way. It makes your device enable to launch apps quickly and easily. It is a third party application. With Launcher Pro you can create up to seven different home-screens.

10. Lookout Premium for Android

Lookout Premium for Android application is recovery solution tool for your Android device. It does everything for the security of your phone be it data backup, phone security or anti-virus to protect it from viruses.