If you are one of the Resident Evil 4 fans, then here is the great news for you guys, the famous survival horror game is now available on Android platform. This news was retrieved from LG’s official statement. As per their statement this game is only available for South Korean citizens. If you are living in the south Korea then you can access to U+ Market and you will be able to grab the Resident Evil 4 apk immediately for $5 only.

Don’t worry, If you are living outside the south Korea, I bring you the Resident Evil 4 apk game file for download to you guys. So you can install it on your device and play Resident Evil 4 Platinum and experience one of the most thrilling chapters of the Resident saga in an all new way.

Resident Evil 4 Features:

  • 3rd person perspective camera for a panoramic view of the action.
  • Blast enemies apart with laser precision. Location based damage means where you aim is what you hit.
  • Context sensitive controls pop up as need allowing you to perform complex actions with a tap of the button. Climb ladders and interact with your environment with a press of an icon.
  • Play through “Story Mode” to unlock ”Mercenary Mode” missions, a separate game mode with pre-set goals, weapons and conditions.

Engage in running gun fights against crowds of enemies utilizing Resident Evil 4 Mobile v1.1.9 apk intuitive tap interface. Face an enemy quicker, smarter and scarier than any zombie and put your skills to the ultimate test.

Download Resident Evil 4 apk