18 Top Networking Sites for Startup Founders

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10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed

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Xiaomi Mi4 5.0 inch Android Smartphone Review

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Xiaomi MI4 review

Back in 2013, Xiaomi was a popular name only in its home country i.e. China. But today it is a quite popular brand in many of the Asian countries. Xiaomi has emerged as one of the top selling brands today and has acquired a substantial share in the smartphone market. Xiaomi is well known for its high tech features that come at very affordable...

What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management?

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Facebook introduces Hello, an app to replace the Android dialer

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Hello Facebook Dialler

There was a time when to stay in contact meant either a phone call or a letter. Modern technology appears to be making the phone call largely redundant. However, this is not the case, there are over a billion phone calls made every day in America. Despite advances in technology the experience of making a phone call can still leave a...

How to Recover Files from SD Card?

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recover files from SD card

The advent of technology on the modern era has marked the dawn of a fast paced and rapidly growing array of gadgets and products. Among these creations is an SD card which is increasingly being used by people for the purpose of storing data. An SD card is a shrimp device, the size of a fingertip. However, this wee size does not hold back...

Myths About Project Management Busted By Hard Facts (Infographic)

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project management

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Disa: Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and SMS in one place!

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You love the messaging apps, but hate to have pages and pages (or folders) on your Homescreen dedicated to it? You hate having to be jumping between Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and SMS to respond to a contact or another. Disa posed to be the ideal solution to offer the possibility of combining Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and SMS under...

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